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From Wikipedia: The Missing Manual: Article Talk Pages: What Not to Post:
"Wikichat is text whose purpose is anything other than improving the related article—usually a comment about the subject of an article, rather than about the wording or information in the article. Saying that a presidential candidate is inept, or that a well-known celebrity should be ashamed of herself for what she just did, belongs on a blog, discussion forum, or personal Web page. It has nothing to do with improving an article."

WikiChat is for the purpose of discussing the subject matter of a Wikipedia article in a way which is unacceptable on Wikipedia because it would use the talk page as a forum for discussing the topic in general, not for the purpose of editing or improving the article. It improves on blogs, discussion forums, and personal Web pages by tying Wikipedia articles to identically-named WikiChat pages, so that the WikiChat talk page becomes a easy-to find supplemental talk page which is formatted in a manner which is entirely familiar to Wikipedia users.

Discussions which are unacceptable on Wikipedia for other reasons are probably unacceptable here as well. See the WikiChat Rules.

WikiChat Rules

By participating here, you agree to be bound by the page of rules located here, including but not limited to the sections on:

and also by Wikia's rules including but not limited to the rules concerning Prohibited Content.


  • WikiChat is not part of, sponsored by, or endorsed by Wikipedia or the Wikimedia Foundation.
  • Neither Wikia nor WikiChat is a Wikimedia project, a for-profit arm of Wikipedia, or a sister project or other sibling of Wikipedia.
  • Wikia and WikiChat are subject to the Wikia Disclaimers.

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